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Exploring Alternative Web Workflows

Join me in the series of lectures intended to present results of a 10 years research work and give a comprehensive introduction to Momentum.

Throughout the course of the series I will teach you how to build websites, a new way. We are going to dissect a piece of HTML artifact together and use it to come up with concepts that could speed up our prototyping workflows and prepare us to design for Semantic Web.

We will build a small website project from scratch. I will show you practically the semantics-first design process that I propose, and how to think in semantics early on in the process of content structuring.

Watch the introduction to the series here.

In Session 1, we will define the scenario and requirements of the website project, potential user stories and we are going to write some HTML code to prototype content model entities and explain the problems related to current prototyping workflows.

In Session 2, we will dissect a piece of HTML artifact that we’ve got from Session 1, and will use it to come up with the concepts that make fundamental building blocks of Momentum environment.

In Session 3, I’ll demonstrate a proof of concept and show how this kind of environment unlocks new level of workflows and enables us to switch our design mindset and think in different contexts.

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